Easily our most popular solution, the London Theatre Direct whitelabel offers you the full suite of technology that powers the London Theatre Direct website, with the versatility to add your brand colours and logo.  Our whitelabel solution is the perfect way to add an additional revenue source to your existing business, they require little to know technical experience, and they can easily be combined directly with some of our other solutions, such as the API, or our WordPress plugin.

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Your whitelabel, your brand

Your whitelabel, your brand

Easily style your whitelabel with your company or website logo and colours, and ensure that your customers maintain a consistent brand experience as they purchase tickets.

Run on your domain

Run it on your domain

Upon request, we can even setup your ticketing whitelabel on a subdomain of your website, for example booking.yourdomain.com - at no extra charge! Just ask your account manager for more information.

Full access to offers

Full access to offers

Your whitelabel site will get full access to every special offer and discount available to London Theatre Direct. You can rest assured that your customers are getting the very best deal available.

Generous commissions

The best bit

Our generous and flexible commission structure can be tailored to your requirements. You can choose to earn commission on percentage of sale, or set your own margins with net rates.


The clear documentation and intuitive API made integrating London Theatre Direct a breeze. Best of all, the support we received throughout was exceptional.
Sam Coley Co-founder & CTO - TickX
London Theatre Direct is a world class Tech company and we are very happy that we chose to integrate their booking API. The support we got from their team has been amazing making the integration process frictionless.
Michael Hadjijoseph Co-founder & CEO of StageDoor


  • What products can I sell?

    You can sell London Theatre Direct’s entire collection through any of our solutions. You will get access to almost every West End show as well as a broad range of attractions, concerts and theatre packages.

  • Can I use multiple solutions?

    Yes you can! We can tie all your London Theatre Direct solutions together, so you can track the performance of your concierge account, whitelabel and API keys all in one place.  However, transactions and visitor data collected via an AWIN (formerly Affiliate Window) link is only accessibly though AWIN.

  • How much commission will I make?

    Our flexible commissions can be set on either a percentage of sale, or you can set your own margins with net rates.  If you choose a percentage of sale then you can expect to receive around 10% of the total order value for every transaction.

  • How often will I get paid?

    We pay commission on a monthly basis, via PayPal.  If you decide to use our AWIN (formerly Affiliate Window) programme either directly or via the WordPress plugin then your commission will be paid directly to your AWIN account.

  • How long will it take to set up?

    That is up to you. If you choose one of our off-the-shelf solutions then you can be up and running today! If you decide to integrate with our API then you can be ready and selling tickets as soon ar your integration is complete.

  • Which solution is best for me?

    We offer a number of tailored solutions to cater for all business types. If you are a travel agent, hotelier, or want to sell tickets to your customers in person then you’ll probably want our concierge platform.  If you are looking for new revenue streams for your online business then you may want to check out our whitelabel platform or one of our plugins. Webmasters, developers and technical staff can select either one of our off-the-shelf solutions or our feature-rich API.

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